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You do not need an advanced degree to help prevent violence!


Join us on December 9th from 4-6pm to hear about how communities have taken on sexual and domestic violence prevention on and off the field at 

Team Up for Storytelling


During this webinar you will hear from coaches and mentors who have implemented Athletes as Leaders and Coaching Boys into Men with their teams. Hear inspirational stories about getting the programs going and about the impact they had on their teams, their student-athletes, and their larger communities.


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Who may attend:


This free webinar is open to any coach, athletic director, team mentor, or advocate in Washington State who is interested in Coaching Boys Into Men or Athletes As Leaders.  

Now is the time to start spreading the word, and ask your colleagues, coaching staff, partner teams, and athletic directors if they want to team up! 

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overview webinar: athletes as leaders & coaching boys into men

August 20, 2020 (4-6 pm) 

Athletes as Leaders & Coaching Boys into Men

For all coaches, mentors, educators, athletic directors, and advocates.

Team up for storytelling

December 9, 2020

Virtual Event

training for Coaches & mentors

Date TBD

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